Clubs and Spaces

Learn and collaborate with passionate peers. Challenge each other to think creatively.

Photo of the Tribe Innovation team in their new t-shirts.


A William & Mary affiliated, student-run business that utilizes the design thinking process to inspire individual creativity, solve relevant challenges in our community, and gain professional experience by working with clients on campus and in our surrounding community.  

Photo of two Students and a professor holding a large check at the Entrepreneurship Center.


The Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center exists to educate, inspire, and support students in developing the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur, so they can change the world. Miller EC members grow their Entrepreneurial thinking toolkit through a lot of different avenues, including pitch contests, mentorship, funding, internships, and guest speakers.

Photo of Small Hall Makerspace with students working on project individually.


William and Mary is host to a number of maker spaces and an ongoing program to develop such resources to amplify the academic community at large. Small Hall is currently home to the primary makerspace facilities having distributed tools and equipment.